VEGeTarian LaSagna ergo LaSagna sin CArne

The VEGy-Tharian L'Ssagna


1/2 box of la'Sagna
2 hands full of green beans
1 tbsp of lard
1 medium onion

1 stalk of
2 medium carrots
3 little peppers
1 pinch of salt
2 tblsp of sugar
1 can of sweet potato on syrup

2 tbsp alcaparras

To Work:

Star boiling water to cook 1/2 box of la'Sagna
Cook 2 hands full of green beans, whole -al dente-->5" after boiling- do no overcook

In a big saucepan hit:
1 tbsp of lard
cut 1 medium onion on chucks, and through it
, then cut on sticks
2 medium carrots
, then cut on sticks
1 stalk of
add 1/4 water
, then cut on chunks
3 little peppers, add salt -2 tsp + 1 tblsp of sugar
trough the drain green peas
, then drain
, and add it
1 can of sweet potato on syrup
2 tbsp alcaparras
move a little bit and wait , 4"

turn off the fire.
leave it where it is

Is by cutting and putting until you put the sweet potato, cook for 3 " more on turn off the fire. everything on this order on a saucepan
do not overcook.

N0W: make 4 cups of béChamel sauce , yes , a lot

Ones the béChamel is done, star putting all together

In a big oval piRex -0k rectangular 16" pan drip a little bit of vegetable oil and two tblsp of béChamel sauce.
place a layer of lasagna
through the stuffing on top
cover with lasagna
Publish Post

put another layer of pasta
cover again with béChamel sauce
sparkling with parMesan cheese -optional

try to s'T0p eating at some point,
love always, cHW

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