For 7 persons;

3 kg potatoes
500 grs. flour
1 tbsp gross salt
1 tsp nugmet
3 eggs

Cook the potatoes in pressure cooker for 20 minutes.
mash the potatoes but don't make a creamy pure, just mash the potatoes, add the eggs
and start putting the flour until don't stick in your hand, you may need to put more flour depending on the humidity or how wet they were the potatoes, the best is to put the potatoes as dry as possible.

Start rolling and roll for as long as it take:)

Boil water with salt and oil, drop the ñoquis and mix so they don't stick together, as soon as they float take it out and put it in a bowl with the sauce or just butter.
This is the amazing trick that Claudio teach us, and amazingly they keep it cool without kicking to each other!

Later I'll put the sauce that Facundo made that is woooo000nderFul!